French woman inglow in the dark rubber wristbands high heels wins slackline challenge

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Mimi Guesdon, 32, finishes in nine minutes and 24 seconds to win the 2018 Tianmen Mountain Female High-heeled Highline Challenge in Central China"s Hunan province, on May 21, 2018. [Photo by Peng Liping for]

A French woman has won a challenge in Central China"s Hunan province that required contestants to cross a slackline 1,300 meters above the ground while wearing heels.

Mimi Guesdon, 32, finished in just nine minutes and 24 seconds to win the 2018 Tianmen Mountain Female High-heeled Highline Challenge on Monday.

The contest, held close to Zhangjiajie"s Tianmen Cave, required entrants to wear 5-centimeter heels and walk at least 55 meters, without falling, as quickly as possible.

Canada"s Mia Noblet was the first to attempt the task, taking 22 minutes and 36 seconds. The only other competitor, Faith Dickey of the United States, failed to go the distance on three attempts.