Storm kills 55 being human original wristbandsin Laos

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Khone Phapheng waterfall under tropical climate in the 4 Thousand Islands Area (Si Phan Don) of the Mekong River. [Photo/VCG]

VIENTIANE - Over 2,000 villages across Laos had been affected by floods after two tropical storms passed over Laos from July to September, in which 55 people died, two people were injured and 100 people are still missing.

The figures were reported at a meeting between the government cabinet, Vientiane mayor and provincial governor on Monday.

According to the report from the National Ad Hoc Committee, from the middle of July to September, capital Vientiane and 17 provinces had been badly hit by tropical storms Son-tinh and Bebinca, which brought heavy rain, floods and landslides to many areas.

A total of 2,409 villages containing 113,507 families had been affected. Of the 100 people still missing following heavy flooding, 97 were in Attapeu province and three in Luang Prabang. Authorities have arranged temporary accommodation for 3,616 families after their homes were damaged or destroyed, local Vientiane Times reported on Tuesday.

Attapeu topped the list of casualties with 40 fatalities and 97 people still missing, while in Luang Prabang of northern Laos 10 people died and three people are missing, four people died in Xieng Khuang in the north, and one person died in Borikhamxay in central Laos.

Some 1,772 houses, 301 schools, 35 health centres, 35 roads, 915 electricity poles and 52 bridges were damaged, while in Attapeu province 1,520 houses were destroyed or damaged.

More than 90,668 hectares of rice fields have been damaged, 13,055 hectares of farmland have been affected, and 398 irrigation systems have been damaged.

Livestock also suffered, with 1,587 goats, 7,424 cattle, 4,105 pigs, 3,686 buffalo, and 70,137 ducks and chickens reported to have been lost.

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